Proactive, data-driven property HVAC maintenance matters.

We maintain your property's interior conditions through planning, analysis, repairs and control. A healthy workspace is cost-efficient, maintains property value and boosts employee well-being.

Learn how to minimize risks

TPI Control has taken on a role as a pioneer in the entire industry. We are a responsible dissident in real estate HVAC services, and we’re fighting against short-sighted sub-optimization.

For two decades, we have been working hard for proactive and reliable HVAC maintenance in this country. Indoor air is the combined result of many variables and its quality can’t be evaluated through senses. That’s why our method is immune to external influences; it’s based on extensive measurement data. Only by making invisible information visible, we can get accurate and correct information about the state of the interior conditions of the property. Thus, we are able to both predict renovation needs and control the balance of indoor conditions based on the data.

Smart proactivity in HVAC property management is like putting money in the bank.

In addition, it is a real environmental act: While energy consumption decreases, the well-being of property users increases. Your return on investment is improving and the value of the property is secured!

TPI Control's technical HVAC services in figures

+ 3000 refurbished customer property

+ 15 000 refurbished system

Customer satisfaction is a matter of honor for us.


This is how the property owner benefits

From us, you get the right tools for strategic real estate business. Proven solutions from our experts make property maintenance more controlled, economical and ecological.


This is how our partner benefits

Expert partnership to support real estate services. TPI Control is a pioneer in operation models based on researched and measured data. Our clear reporting and verified data make our partner’s job easier.

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