Experience gives peace of mind.

Cooperation with us is based on deep trust and goals defined together. We always keep what we promise.

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You can trust that the maintenance of your property will be more controlled, long-lasting, ecological and smoother throughout its life cycle. Nothing replaces experience. TPI Control has it. How do our customers and partners see it?

Customer satisfaction is a matter of honor for us.

“Good indoor air conditions are for users. When users have them, the work environment and productivity also improve. This way everyone is satisfied.”

Mika Marttinen, Property Manager, Tamro

“A long-term partnership with a competent expert is important to us. It is not enough that things are put in order once - to ensure the control of operating costs and tenant satisfaction, they must also be kept in order. We aim to keep the network in use as long as possible, as comprehensive renovations will eventually be significantly more expensive in the end.”

Jukka Teerimäki, Real Estate Manager, Sampo

“We have become good partners with TPI, whose expertise is reflected in the productization and continuous development of the service.”

Erkki Tulokas, Property Manager, HUS-kiinteistöt

“TPI Control provides us with annual reports. If any part of the system is, so to speak, yellow, then we can pay attention to it a bit more precisely. We can systematically ensure that the issue will be taken care of at the same time with, for example, some other repair. These sorts of things are most important to me in my own work.”

Thomas Stenius, Property Manager, Citycon


This is how the property owner benefits

From us, you get the right tools for strategic real estate business. Proven solutions from our experts make property maintenance more controlled, economical and ecological.


This is how our partner benefits

Expert partnership to support real estate services. TPI Control is a pioneer in operation models based on researched and measured data. Our clear reporting and verified data make our partner’s job easier.