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TPI Control is an innovator in HVAC maintenance. As our customer, you can safely reach your goals - functionally, qualitatively and economically. Our job is to make sure that the interior conditions of your property are always in balance, the systems work energy efficiently - and most importantly - the value of your property is maintained. Rationally and predictably. With data and technology. Constantly developing and evolving.


This is how the property owner benefits

From us, you get the right tools for strategic real estate business. Proven solutions from our experts make property maintenance more controlled, economical and ecological.


This is how our partner benefits

Expert partnership to support real estate services. TPI Control is a pioneer in operation models based on researched and measured data. Our clear reporting and verified data make our partner’s job easier.

Heating - Cooling - Ventilation - Automation 
Condition analysis, repair and control 

With the help of TPI Control, the property operates economically, ecologically and healthily. 

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TPI Control services

Our cooperation with the customer is always based on a plan and goals drawn up together. We are responsible for bringing the interior conditions of the property to the technically optimal state according to the objectives.

A plan ensures actions are guided by goals

Defining needs, intentions, goals and decision-making process with the client.

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The condition analysis reveals gaps and shows opportunities

Detailed research and analysis report on the functionality and energy efficiency of the property's HVAC systems and automation. Prioritized proposal for follow-up. Data export to TOPI.


Repairs are done at the right time and for the specific need

Repair project carried out in accordance with the information provided in the condition report. Reporting to the customer. Monitoring / control plan and data storage in TOPI.


Control ensures everything works

Regular inspection visits and measurements to ensure the operation of heating, cooling and ventilation. Property-specific information is saved in TOPI.


TOPI – our property-specific database knows and remembers

TOPI is our technical and activity database for customers. The data is generated from the condition analysis report and is supplemented with reparation and control data.

The data collection and its active use provides multiple benefits to the real estate service.

Property-specific information in TOPI:

  • facilities combined with building data involved
  • technical data of the HVAC systems
  • longterm action plan
  • system based measurement data and history
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